Future Business Leaders Learn Coffee Industry at the Old Schoolhouse, Luna Gourmet HQ – March 10, 2016

Second-graders from Adventure Elementary in Adams County visited Colorado’s largest family-owned coffee roaster

March 10, 2016 – DENVER, Colo. – The business world’s future seems a little brighter these days as second-graders from Adventure Elementary—an Expeditionary Learning School of Adam’s County, visited the Old Schoolhouse turned Roast House, at Luna Gourmet Coffee & Tea Company as part of their Classroom Economy project.

Second-graders of Adventure Elementary enjoying strawberry shortcake drink and learning all about coffee

Second-graders of Adventure Elementary enjoying strawberry shortcake drink and learning all about coffee

“We conduct three case studies throughout the school year and learn about how a successful business is run, teaching several components including high-quality products, profits, costs and customer service,” said teacher Shannon Pederson of Adventure Elementary. “The Boyer’s Cafe was an excellent place to bring the kids to learn about successful business operations and it is right in our backyard.”

Typical tours include an overall look at coffee from sourcing to cup; however, the students at Adventure Elementary came prepared with their own interview questions regarding budgets, advertising, cost of production, profit margins and customer service.

“We really emphasize customer experience and the importance of high-quality customer service when teaching our students about successful businesses, locally,” continued Pederson, “We saw that on display when Emily, manager of the Boyer’s Café, emphasized retaining regular customer’s names and welcoming with a smile.”

On cue, one of Emily’s regular patron’s enters, “Hi Jack” The seasoned barista addresses him. A student’s responds emphatically, “that’s customer service!”

Along with the case study, second-grade teachers of Adventure Elementary also create an “economy atmosphere” where students attain positive achievements such as when they complete their homework positive on time, they receive profits, but when students forget their homework, they may receive a deficit to their current balance.

One thing is for certain, the business world is in good hands in Adams County with teachers like Shannon Pederson creating an atmosphere conducive to financial success into the curriculum.

Learn more about Mapleton School District and visit the Boyer’s Cafe at 7295 N. Washington  St. Denver, CO 80229.

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