Environmentally Responsible Farming


Cup quality starts from the earth.

When it comes to coffee, there are thousands upon thousands of choices available to consumers today  – why not stand out with a USDA Organic seal on your coffee?

A recent study by the Organic Trade Association (OTA) showed that 78% U.S. families say they purchase Organic foods and four in ten families indicate they are buying more Organic products than they were a year ago.*

“In a time when the severity of the economy means making tough choices, it is extremely encouraging to see consumers vote with their values by including quality organic products in their shopping carts.” – Christine Bushway, OTA’s Executive Director and CEO

We’re well positioned to help our partners capitalize on this trend with a wide variety of Organic single origins and handcrafted blends. Show your commitment to environmentally responsible farming in a single brand, “Boulder Organic Coffee,” or create your own.

* Organic Trade Association, 2011 Organic Industry Survey  >