Family Owned Roaster To Launch Organic, Specialty Grade, Experiential Coffee Brand Exclusively At Walmart

World’s Largest Retailer Taps Colorado-Based Boyer’s Coffee to Create Mash-Up Coffee, Available in More than 1,200 Walmart Stores and on

DENVER – July 24, 2018 – Boyer’s Coffee™ is today announcing the launch of Mash-Up Coffee™, a new line of organic, Specialty Grade coffees exclusively at Walmart. The coffee, available at an SRP of $6.98 per retail bag will be on shelves in more than 1,200 Walmart stores, as well as at and Walmart-owned Available in three varieties—Sumatra + Peru, Costa Rica + Honduras, and Colombia + Sumatra—Mash-Up offers an attainable elevated coffee experience, making both high-quality coffee and bean-to-bag educational resources easily accessible to all.

Roasting in Colorado since 1965, Boyer’s is a family owned company, led by brothers Douglass and Jason Barrow. The Barrows worked hand-in-hand with Walmart to create the Mash-Up Coffee line, purposefully pairing two single origin beans to create singular coffee fusions that elevate the unique flavor profiles of each. Only Specialty Grade, 100 percent Arabica beans from the world’s select growing regions are sourced. They are freshly roasted in high-altitude, low-humidity Colorado air to create smooth, fresh and mellow coffees, using Boyer’s iconic classic roasters—a 1915 Burns “Jubilee,” and a 1944 Burns “Thermalo”—in combination with modern techniques.

Believing that coffee is a craft for all to understand, experience and enjoy, Mash-Up was created to go beyond traditional grocery store coffees to offer consumers an exceptionally high-quality product, in conjunction with a “barista in a bag” experience. Coffee drinkers are able to utilize their smartphone cameras and a QR code located on the product packaging to go directly to consumer-friendly resources, including a “seed-to-cup” educational course showcasing the growing, roasting and brewing processes; the suggested brewing methods for optimum flavor profiles (including French press, pour over and drip); food pairing recommendations; recipes; information about the beans and their flavors; and more.

Following in the footsteps of fashion, home décor and other retail segments, specialty and organic foods have become increasingly affordable and available in the U.S. grocery sector. At the same time, Specialty Grade coffee continues to grow in U.S. market share. According to industry trade group the Specialty Coffee Association, the retail value of the U.S. coffee market is estimated to be $48 billion dollars, with specialty comprising approximately 55 percent value share.

“We are excited to work with Walmart as they influence millions of US coffee consumers each year, and this is our opportunity to fundamentally raise the bar for what’s offered on the shelf, says Jason Barrow co-owner and President.  Barrow goes on to explain, “We are bringing an organic line of craft coffees at an affordable price to coffee lovers across all demographics.  Mash-Up Coffee will help raise coffee acumen, which means more high quality organic coffee consumption, which drives better lives for the farmer, and more organic farming for the growing region.  We expect to be a major part of the growing organic and craft coffee trend with Walmart.”

In late 2017, Walmart became the first North American big-box retailer to join the Conservation International-led Sustainable Coffee Challenge, setting a goal to “purchase all of its private brand coffee sustainably by the end of 2020.” Boyer’s shares Walmart’s commitment to sustainability, ensuring Mash-Up Coffees are always ethically sourced and USDA Organic. The Barrow brothers visit the farming communities from which the beans it sources originate annually – including Sumatra, Peru, Costa Rica and Honduras – and are consistently seeking out new ways to support the farmers’ local communities. As part of this commitment, every bag of Sumatra + Peru Mash-Up goes toward a “The School that Coffee Built” program, which centers around rebuilding a school in the Peruvian farming community of Primero de Mayo, where Boyer’s works with an agricultural co-op to further support the educational efforts to build social and economic sustainability in the area for generations to come.

About Mash-Up Coffee™

Mash-Up Coffee™ is a new line of organic, Specialty Grade coffees exclusively available at Walmart and freshly roasted by Boyer’s Coffee, a Colorado family-owned company that has been roasting at Rocky Mountain altitude since 1965. Mash-Up is about the art and science of fusing single origin beans to create new, unique flavors. It goes above and beyond the coffee experience you typically find in your grocery store to offer coffee drinkers a “barista in a bag,” with access to seed-to-cup educational resources, food pairing recommendations, suggested brewing methods and more. With origins spanning Sumatra, Peru, Costa Rica, Honduras and Colombia—and always ethically sourced and USDA Organic—the Mash-Ups are purposeful pairings with the intent to take consumers beyond their typical cup of joe and through the farm-to-roasting journey. Mash-Up believes that coffee is a craft for all to understand, experience and enjoy. Mash-Up is available for purchase at more than 1,200 Walmart stores nationwide, as well as online at

About Boyer’s Coffee

Family owned since 1965, Boyer’s Coffee has been creating Rocky Mountain hand-crafted coffees for more than 50 years. Only Specialty Grade, 100 percent Arabica beans from the world’s select growing regions are carefully roasted in high-altitude, low-humidity Colorado air to create smooth, fresh and mellow coffees. Boyer’s reveres the art of the roast, and crafts its coffees with heritage in mind, utilizing classic roasters—a 1915 “Jubilee,” and a 1944 “Thermalo”—in combination with modern techniques. Roasting and serving from a 1927 schoolhouse located just outside of Downtown Denver, Boyer’s steadfast commitment to quality and consistency has created a nationwide following. For more information, follow @boyerscoffee on Instagram and Facebook, and visit