Private Label & Contract Roasting

Private Label & Contract Roasting

Private label: Take your brand to the next level.

With a rise in in-home brewing and growing desire for affordable luxury in the coffee & tea segments, the opportunity for high-quality private label brands is greater than ever.

We’ll work with you to develop and deliver fully customized, end-to-end private label gourmet coffee, tea and syrup programs.  We can expand your portfolio to meet the needs of your customer in new and innovative ways with a brand that’s on trend with consumer demand for higher quality – all aimed to give you a competitive advantage over leading national brands.

What makes our private label programs unique?

  • We’re at the leading edge of the industry with Direct Trade and Fair Trade programs. Learn more >
  • We offer a wide range of USDA Certified Organic options that support environmental responsible farming practices. Learn More >
  • We’re committed to Social Responsibility with our Coffees for a Cause programs. Learn More >
  • We use only 100% Specialty Grade Arabica coffee – only the top 2% of coffees grown worldwide. Learn more >
  • We artisan roast in small batches – specifically to your order – guaranteeing the freshest coffee you can find anywhere. Learn more >
  • We’re a Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) certified roaster.  Learn more >

Do you have a small wholesale order and only need a custom label?

Our online retail, self-service wizard for personalized coffee on allows for quick, low volume bag customization – an easy and cost effective solution for special events, corporate gifts, weddings and more.

Contract Roasting: Take your green beans to new heights

We’ve perfected the art and science of small batch roasting.  Let our artisan roasters take your green beans and turn them into the final finished coffee of your dreams.

Learn more about our Roastery & Process